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Application and Website Maintenance

A sturdy IT infrastructure is highly requisite for the success of a business and staying technologically up-to-date is equally important as old technologies become redundant and the new ones come with essential updates for improved operations. However, discretion has to be adopted while adopting new updates and they must be timed as per the arising needs. It is difficult to judge this timing, and that is where APT Web Design steps in.

We offer end-to-end website and web application development services. Our extensive knowledge of the various development tools and technologies enables us to extend highly professional support and maintenance services.

Our website maintenance services comprises –

Content management and update
Old web page upgrade and new web page integration
Fixing broken links
Migration to different platform
Website update or upgrade
Routine software check-up

Our application maintenance service includes –

3rd party app integration
Configuration management
Troubleshooting and bug fixes
Code review and testing